Xbox Security Secrets - Hardware Mod Tutorials - Interviews with Master Hackers - The Chilling Effects of the DMCA

(An Introduction to Reverse Engineering)      Andrew "bunnie" Huang

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This hands-on guide to hacking was cancelled by the original publisher, Wiley, out of fear of DMCA-related lawsuits. After a period of direct distribution by the author, "Hacking the Xbox" is brought to you by the No Starch Press. The book begins with a few step-by-step tutorials on hardware modifications that teaches basic hacking techniques as well as essential reverse engineering skills. The book progresses into a discussion of the Xbox security mechanisms and other advanced hacking topics, with an emphasis on educating the readers on the important subjects of computer security and reverse engineering. Hacking the Xbox  includes numerous practical guides, such as where to get hacking gear, soldering techniques, debugging tips and an Xbox hardware reference guide.

"Hacking the Xbox" confronts the social and political issues 
facing today's hacker. The book introduces readers to the humans 
behind the hacks through several interviews with master hackers. 

"Hacking the Xbox" looks forward and discusses the impact of 
today's legal challenges on legitimate reverse engineering 
activities. The book includes a chapter written by the Electronic
Frontier Foundation (EFF) about the rights and responsibilities 
of hackers, and concludes by discussing the latest trends and
vulnerabilities in secure PC platforms.

Hurry and get "Hacking the Xbox" before Microsoft does!
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Book Notes

  • bunnie now has a blog

  • Nate Lawson of Cryptography Research, Inc. has pointed out to me an important errata in the book. In figure 7-3, the private and public key labels in the diagram have been swapped. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  

  • My friend Bobby Woods-Corwin just pointed this scary thing out to me: Xbox Hacking is similar to terrorism, at least according to B&N. I hope Ashcroft doesn't have an eye on me...

You may order the Unlimited Edition of Hacking the Xbox from the No Starch press. It is also stocked by major bookstores everywhere (, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Microcenter, etc.). The Unlimited Edition features a snazzy new cover and professionally copy-editted and proofread text (as opposed to my own underground-style Special Limited Edition). 

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